Engineering Services

The Trombetta engineering team is quite diverse in its knowledge and skills in many areas of engineering, including electrical, mechanical, electronic controls, and systems developments. Specific teams of specialists are assembled and deployed on each project to research and ultimately develop the required product or system.

The ability to devise viable practical solutions is what separates the Trombetta engineering team, ensuring successful outcomes to the most complex engineering dilemmas. Trombetta performs CNC machining, welding, brazing, stamping, electronic assembly, coil winding, mechanical assembly and testing; all in-house. Click through our Product Development Process below to take a virtual tour though our engineering operation

Final Product
Solution Verification

Product Development Process

Application Analysis
& Specifications


Design Verification

Concept Design

Application Analysis and Assistance

Our services are outlined in a proposal which will profile the project application, specifications, responsibilities, deliverables with timetable and associated costs. Application specifications are critical to determine the proper components. Trombetta engineering is experienced in supporting customer application analysis to identify application specifications.