Who We Are

Trombetta is a leading worldwide manufacturer of DC power switching and power management products for mobile applications. Our Products include DC Contactors, Voltage Regulators, Industrial Solenoids, Switches and various Electronic Controls. Focused on meeting customer's design requirements, we strive to develop innovative solutions that reduce costs while increasing performance.


The Trombetta Advantage

Dedicated Engineering Team

Our skilled engineering team works hand in hand with each individual customer to ensure the best possible solution to your application. Every project is handled with care and unmatched expertise; this adds up to a satisfied, loyal customer base we are happy to serve and help grow in this demanding industrial environment.

Highest Quality Products
Trombetta’s engineering lab is fully equipped with the ability to perform environmental testing such as temperature, humidity, vibration, and application life testing; all needed to qualify products in our customers’ applications. This certified in-house testing allows Trombetta to thoroughly evaluate every aspect of our product before sending it off to our customers.

Global Manufacturing and Reach

While your product is being defined and developed, Trombetta anticipates the best location for product manufacturing to satisfy customer cost, delivery time, and local content. With Trombetta, your risk is mitigated, our quality is assured, and the pricing is competitive.

At Trombetta we work vigorously to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our products. Please Contact our sales team and let us know how we can help advance your business needs.